Capturing Students Interest in Music Production on Day 1

The first day that students jumped on Ableton Push I wanted to give them an activity that immediately captured their attention and made them feel they can be successful.  In Project Based Learning we call this the entry level event.

I heard of a great lesson at an Ableton workshop that was designed by Beats by Girlz.  The idea of the lesson is to use the Push Sequencer and have each student pick a sound and a place for the beat to land using the step sequencer.  Collectively the students make a beat. We used the sounds of MSX Audio Ableton Rack Life Pack because the sounds are really well rounded, and have a punch that captures the students imagination.  The sounds include drums, as well as melodic sounds.  It is a pack of 64 sounds.

Here are the students of Beats 4 Edu in action.


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